Investment: Discard Rulebreakers

OTW cards were required for the Wijnaldum SBC release on the Friday of OTW Team 2. RTTK cards were required for the Silva SBC release on the Friday of RTTK Team 2 (and Politano the next day). While I’m not sure if they will be required this time, I do expect there to be a bit of hype leading up to Friday’s Team 2 release.

Discard Rulebreakers:ย PS4 12k* XBOX 12k* PC 12k*

*Use a Rulebreakers sniping filter*

If you want to play it safe, sell in the hype on Friday, November 5th before Team 2 is released. If you want to gamble, hold until after content in hopes they are required again.



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Toby H

Thanks Chief. Can’t find any rulebreakers at 12k. Cheapest is Barkhuizen at 13k or Coates at 15.5k. Are they worth investing in at that price or is it better to wait in the hope they go down?


When should I invest if Iโ€™m on ps?


I bought one rulebrakers card for 12.7k is that bad? Will I loose coins on that investment


How can i bid in more than 100 objects?
J. Navas fell from 120k to 90k. Do you think he ll rise again?


I bought almost 20 of them xD finger crossed

Eugenus Rex

Barkhuisen is already at 15k. What margin of profit do you reckon we should we be looking at in the hype and, separately, if the SBC drops? Cheers Chief. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Eugenus Rex

He rose a fair bit at mid-day: I’ll be sure to list him if he gets there again. Cheers and take care. ๐Ÿ™‚

hi, how much do you think to cost on friday before the new team?

you think that better sell him before 7pm or after 7pm on possible sbc?


Already invested in a few barkhuizenfor 15k last Sunday look alot cheaper now๐Ÿ˜ฑ


when i bought teixeira rttk 20.10 for 11k and sell him 23.10 when bilva sbc was add to game, i sell him for 33k. you think that rulebreaker barkhuizen will cost smiliar?


Hey Chief, this is more of a QnA question but Iโ€™m having a lot of trouble making profits this year. The market is crazy volatile and idk if Iโ€™m just missing the right times to sell but Iโ€™m taking losses on everything. Any advice? And have you found it more difficult to trade in this fifa or is it just me?

Kallum Sutton

Foden in form has gone down to 58k do you reckon heโ€™ll go back up in price


Now Im unsure when to sell it. Is this a hype or will we see the supply run out? I bought 10 for 11-12k. Like sell during hype or have patience?


Thank you chief! Made 200k profit just from this card ๐Ÿ˜€


What sort if profit are we talking about?


Do you reckon invest in llorente because of capa rb leaked


Hi! Will players like Casemiro, Gundogan or Arnautovich rise in the upcoming weeks when out of packs? Thanks


Yo I still own 5 of these (about 60K) think they will be going up anytime soon?