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should i sell rb kulusevski now or do you think he will rise thx


just packed corona as well lol. sell now or hold thx

riley lenzo

carasco sitting at 25k rn, his card is semi usable and 86 rated for fodder, what price would you buy him at?




Hey chief packed gold de Bruyne should I sell or hold thanks


I would’ve sold him. He was 250k and constantly dropping


Only packed him there 2 days ago he was 70k tops


Hello, chief!
I bought Correa. Should I sell him the end of the week or when he’s oop?


Rulebreakers just dropped to 11,5k to 12k on PC , what u think they will rise to their normal 14.5k or not? cause I was sniping Them for 13k and I got bunch of them not sold :dd


Im broke then :dddddddd


Hey Cheif Will Cornet Maxwell be good to buy during the week if he drops because I don’t know if he will increase again


When do u think would be a good time to buy mbappe, vini sif, neymar and Hakimi or should I wait for Black Friday thx

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riley lenzo

hey chief, not related to totw 7 cards, however id like your input on traore, he’s sitting at around 32k and his card is due for an upgrade if they win their next match he’s currently 2/3. do you see the demand for this card going up with an upgrade? especially with the only other top tier rb in liege 1 rb being hakimi sitting at 80k+

riley lenzo

nvm hes at 34k now


Hi chief, the market is down significantly down today with panic selling for the potential icon sbc, I’m looking to purchase Ginola who’s currently down to 1.8m, when do you think the best purchase time is, before or after the icon sbc has been released?


Hey chief! The market is on the absolute floor right now I feel like I should be making moves but idk who to buy?

Toby H

Hey Chief – Kjaer is around 16,750. Should I sell now or hold until the weekend?

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Eugenus Rex

Is it a good time to buy base in-forms? The Klose SBC has a TOTW requirement for an 83 team and I’m wondering if someone like Grifo, currently at his base price, will go up as in-forms get burned?


What’s your play on RB Trent? Should I just take my losses on him or will he bounce back in the next day or two, he’s like down 30k right now


Hi chief, when you say profit target, do you mean after tax profit or before tax?


Should I sell Ramos and Kroos gold or will they go up?

Toby H

Hey Chief. Do you feel these totw 7s are still gonna rise? Thanks.