Subscriber-Only Investment

1IF Nkunku has dipped since his 2IF was released into packs. I anticipate him to bounce back, though, especially considering we should be getting a BuLi POTM later this week. People transitioning to the popular Upa OTW card should help him, too.

1IF Nkunku: PS4 25k* XBOX 22k* PC 29k* (2-3k profit target)

*Use a France – Buli – special Sniping Filter*

Look to sell later this week after the BuLi POTM is released.



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Just bought 22 let’s hope

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Bought 15, how come we go for his 84 tho? Just thinking if I wanted to buy him (for my team) I would rather pay those 25k extra for his 86.


I see. Thanks for the reply! 🙂


Hey Chief,
I followed your advice and bought into OTW Upamecano @ 270K. He’s now 310K. Do you think I sell him now or wait for his price to rise further? Do you think he’s overpriced for this rating or the upgrade?


Hi Chief, I don’t know why I am not part of discord, I think there is some missunderstanding. I made you payment directly as patreon has issue.


ohh! I cannot message as only friends can message each other or users from same server can text each other


Already sent


Thanks chief, Issue resolved 🙂


This is not in top buys anymore. Should we sell him asap or wait till POTM is released still?


Did see the twitch-stream after i asked. I was about to sell mines, but saw they are down to 24k. What do you recomend?

  1. -Sell for 24k and just take the loss
  2. -Wait till it rebound to 25k again and sell then else sell off at 23k if it goes down to 23k.
  3. -Wait till BuLi-POTM is released?

I got the bronze-sub on 13th november and was a bit late on the OTW-investment that were released 12th november but managed to get 3 cards atleast, so would be like 25-30k profit if I sold em now. I will keep them till friday tho. In this nkunku-investment I will be loosing about 30k if I sell mines for 24k while if it rebound to 25k I only loose about 15k.

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Bought them the price you said (25k) but still haven’t seen him more than 25k , should i wait or just sell them for 24-25k so i won’t lose much?

Ricardo Rosas

Should we sell now or hold him till tomorrow?


He seems to have continued to drop in value since his potm has dropped. Should I sell to minimize loss? I’m currently looking at 3k loss per card.