Subscriber-Only Investment

Eredivisie Squad Foundations were released today. Links to Eredivisie players surged as a result. It is expected that we get more league foundations as the week goes on (Liga NOS Sunday, EFL Tuesday). The following are my favorite links for those:


IF Diaz: PS4 15k XBOX 15k PC 15k (2-3k profit target)

RTTK Verissimo: PS4 25k XBOX 25k PC 25k (2-3k profit target)

IF Wendell: PS4 14k XBOX 14k PC 14k (2-3k profit target)


IF Brereton: PS4 14k XBOX 14k PC 14k (2-3k profit target)

RB Barkhuizen: PS4 12k XBOX 12k PC 12k (2-3k profit target)

Look to sell Liga NOS in the hype before Sunday at 6pm. Look to sell EFL in the hype before Tuesday at 6pm.



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what do you think about pepe for 1k?


Diaz is 18k as lowest and Verissimo is 31.5k (on PS), so they are difficult to snipe for the price mention above. Wendell is snipeable at 14k tho. Got two within the 10 min I tried, there was one I was too slow to get aswell. RB Coates is 15k as lowest (on PS), what you think about that one? Too much of supply on that card to make any good profit?

How do I get the notifications Chief?

Gonna try the EFL ones nows.

Have a great weekend and thanks for another SubOnly-investments! =)

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I see! I’m a noob when it comes to those stuffs haha, so when I saw cheeky GOATes only having 11k games it makes sense why he is not here.

I got it on, but I guess it doesnt come since I ended the sub straight away when I bought bronze (since Im new I just want to test it out). Will prolly get silver or gold for dec depending how this month goes.


So we should sell liga Nos on Saturday at 6pm?


Look to sell Liga NOS in the hype before Sunday at 6pm.”

If there is a hype already on Saturday at 6pm then sell, but I will keep my Wendells till like 5:30 PM Sunday if nothing drastic happends with the price before then.


Thanks mate.