Investment: Felipe

Felipe had a goal and clean sheet in Atletico’s 1-0 win over Osasuna this past weekend. There is a good chance he goes OOP with TOTW 10 on Wednesday. As one of the cheapest 84s with a good league, nation, position, and club, I think there is a good chance he rises over the week. OOP players tend to do better during Black Friday, too, since there are so many SBC releases.

Felipe:ย PS4 4.5k XBOX 5k PC 5k (~ 1k profit target)

Cross your fingers he makes it in TOTW 10 on Wednesday, and sell before he returns to packs on Wednesday, December 1st. List for lazies in the meantime.



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Random question. Do you think itโ€™s better to buy road to the KO son now before Thursday incase spurs win and heโ€™s closer to an upgrade, or to wait until the Black Friday drop ? My thinking is his price could go up as he could get a potential +2 if spurs win thier last 2 games


Do you think it is better to sell of most players before black friday and then buy back after?

Eugenus Rex

Still expecting a rise for PS4?


Yeah this didn’t work out at all

Eugenus Rex

The game is dead, the market is dead, I’m dead. x(