Investment: TOTW 10 Golds

TOTW 10 golds went out of packs today. OOP players tend to do very well during the week of Black Friday with all of the SBCs. The following are my favorite looks:

Tyrone Mings:ย PS4 900 XBOX 900 PC 900 (~ 1k profit target)

Hamari Traorรฉ:ย PS4 2k XBOX 2.5k PC 2.5k ( 1-2k profit target)

Look to sell next by next Tuesday, and list for lazies in the meantime. You’d be amazed how high some of these cards can briefly go during Flash SBCs, so make sure to list to take advantage of it.



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Bought 75 mings and 25 traore for 1100 and 2100 each, at what price should i sell?


What is happening with OTW cards? They have all dropped significantly. Should we still hold. Is this a temporary drop?