Investment: Black Friday Flips

Black Friday begins tomorrow (see this calendar for the expected release schedule). For the event, there will be many flash SBCs. As people are on the clock, they often overspend, and some cards shoot up in price.

The cards that most often rise have a few characteristics:

  1. They have decent ratings (78-82)
  2. They are non-rare
  3. They have good nations in popular leagues from which they aren’t from

The following are a few of my favorite looks who check at least a few of those boxes:

Mario Götze: PS4 1k XBOX 1k PC 1k

Ever Banega: PS4 1k XBOX 1k PC 1k

Marc Roca: PS4 1k XBOX 1k PC 1k

Dani Olmo: PS4 1k XBOX 1k PC 1k

Juan Bernat: PS4 1k XBOX 1k PC 1k

Benjamin Pavard: PS4 1k XBOX 1k PC 1k

Odriozola: PS4 1k XBOX 1k PC 1k

Alvaro: PS4 1k XBOX 1k PC 1k

Look to sell sometime this weekend. I don’t have profit targets listed because it is impossible to know what they could go up to. Just monitor their prices and sell when you are happy with the profit.



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What do you think of Llorente? I bought a bunch of him since he’s going to be in signature signings and he is kinda meta so I imagine people will want to buy him for their weekend league teams.


Is it better to sell my stones to get these players?


What do you think of Acerbi and Portu? Last year Acerbi was the most expensive 83 fodder at this time of the year and Portu looks safe because he is quick sell value atm.

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