Trading During Black Friday

With the amount of packs coming our way Friday, there will be ample opportunities to get good deals. In general, there are 2 different ways to trade during Black Friday.

1. Sniping during lightning rounds

At the top of each hour, EA will release promotional 25, 35, 45, 50, 55, 100, and 125k packs (see last year’s calendar here). With so much supply coming in a short period of time, the first 10 minutes of every hour will be great times to get good snipes (particularly for the 125k pack release).

As for who to snipe, here are a few good targets:

a. expensive 75-83s golds

b. current TOTW players in the 10-30k range (Mings, Bonucci, Trapp, Felipe)

c. new SBC requirements

NOTE: There will also be an abundance of SBCs tomorrow as well. Keep an eye on the cheapest FUTBIN solutions for these. Recognize which players are typically used for the challenges and snipe them for less than their actual current value.

2. Bidding an hour after lightning rounds

Say the 125k packs drop at 2PM UK time tomorrow. Many people will list their players for 1 hour at minimum bid prices. Around 3PM, these players will near the end of their listing cycle. With so much supply ending all at once, there are plenty of chances to win bids for far less than their cheapest current BIN price.

Use the same targets for bidding as listed for sniping above.



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Hi Chief, what about buying Best of TOTWs now and sell after the promo?


What do you think about Kroos IF and Luis Suárez IF? They are about the same price as 89-rated fodder

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