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Signature Signings go out of packs at 6pm on Tuesday. They only went into packs on Friday, and since have been required for 3 popular SBCs (Benzema, Gelson, Chiellini). These SBCs are still available for a few more days, though, and I think the combined cut in supply with continued demand could cause them to rise.

Signature Signings:ย PS4 30k XBOX 28k PC 30k (3-5k profit target)

Look to sell later next week before TOTGS is released (Friday, December 3rd).



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Doesn’t matter which one, right? Also what happened to IF Navas. Do we sell him or do we wait more, like until his previous low of 27k~

Last edited 2 years ago by rayiniu
Eugenus Rex

They just shot up to a 35k bin. Sell now or wait until the supply is restricted?

Eugenus Rex

Ok. Kramaric is about to puncture the 40k mark (after being 31k about 2 hours ago). Do you think he’ll get anywhere near 50k?

Eugenus Rex

He’s already at 47k xD. Do you reckon it’s too late to be buying more at this point?

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Eugenus Rex

I went insane and spent all my coins picking up a few Jimenez/Witsel cards for 47k. They’re still rising, although at a decreased rate and I’ve already made back the tax I would have lost on them, at the least.


Regret selling 120 cards for 33.5k two hours after 6 pm. I was so happy with my 600k profit and it feels now much more like I missed 1m more profit ๐Ÿ˜… Nevermind, I learn from my mistake and take the nice 600k profit. Maybe next time with TOTGS fodder if there will be any of them… ๐Ÿ˜


Would you say it’s still worth to buy? (cards around 38k~). Don’t need to answer :D, they are still flying

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Eugenus Rex

They seem to be taking off again and Kramaric is now a 72k bin. Is this solely due to them being burned in SBC’s? It seems a bit ridiculous xD.