Investment: TOTW 12

TOTW 11 fodder investments did very well last week. I expect TOTW 12 to be good this week, too. The following are my favorite looks:

Inform Jovic:ย PS4 11.5k XBOX 11.5k PC 11.5k (2-3k profit target)*

Inform Grifo:ย PS4 11k XBOX 11k PC 11k (2-3k profit target)

Inform Savanier:ย PS4 13k XBOX 13k PC 13k (2-3k profit target)

Inform Bastoni:ย PS4 18k XBOX 18k PC 18k (2-3k profit target)

*Use a Special – Real Madrid sniping filter*

Look to sell on Wednesday/Thursday of next week. List for lazies in the meantime.



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Hey Chief! When would be the best time to buy meta golds like salah and mane?


Do you recon this card would go higher than 14k


Jovic I believe


Yeah sorry I meant the Jovic card, I sold 6 up to know at 18k, thanks fut chief


Hey Chief, so I bought about 125 86 rated fodders 2 weeks ago waiting for the icon packs and they went up just 1k in price because of the lightning rounds, do you think there is any chance they will spike to 17, 18k again, like for the last icon sbc, or should I sell everything now as it is and take the L?