Subscriber-Only Investment

1IF Nicolò Barella has been decreasing since the weekend when he had a good performance, earning him a spot in TOTW 13 today. He is still a popular card, though, and 1IFs have a history of rising from Wednesday to Friday after their 2IF is released.

1IF Nicolò Barella: PS4 42k XBOX 37k PC 42k (~ 3-5k profit target)*

*This is definitely a riskier investment, so steer clear if you aren’t willing to lose coins*

Look to sell by Friday before the next promo is released at 6pm, and make sure you list for lazies in the meantime.



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Bro, you are a magician! everything you are saying is happening 🙂


I bought a few for 42K and then listed them for lazies at 50K. Sold every one of them so great investment chief!