Investment: TOTW 14 Golds

TOTW 14 dropped today. It has a lot of players who tend to do very well OOP. The following are my favorite looks for investment:

Riyad Mahrez: PS4 12k XBOX 12k PC 13k (2-3k profit target)

Lautaro Martinez: PS4 7k XBOX 7k PC 7.5k (1-2k profit target)

Juan Cuadrado: PS4 5k XBOX 5.5k PC 5.5k (~ 1k profit target)

Francesco Acerbi: PS4 1.2k XBOX 1.2k PC 1.2k (~ 1k profit target)

Rafa: PS4 1.2k XBOX 1.2k PC 1.2k (~ 1k profit target)

Look to sell next Monday/Tuesday before they return to packs.



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Toby H

Hey Chief. Seems like OOP investments are not so safe this year. Maybe I’m just unlucky but feels like they are losing money more often than not. What’s your take?