Investment: WW Team 1

Winter Wildcard Team 1 goes out of packs today at 6pm. The following are my favorite looks for investment:

WW Pau Torres: PS4 14k XBOX 14k PC 14k (1-2k profit target)

WW Moussa Niakhaté: PS4 60k XBOX 60k PC 60k (3-5k profit target)

WW Jonathan David: PS4 90k XBOX 90k PC 90k (5-7k profit target)

Look to sell this Saturday/Sunday to reinvest in other things. WW Team 1 could rise more into next week, but reinvesting in TOTW 15 golds/TOTW 14 informs on the weekend is a much safer bet.



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Niakhate is already up at 79k! Will he rise more? Hopefully Pau will start to rise as well.


Hi chief,
I’ve got a bunch of high rated players and idk what to do. Should I sell them rn or wait for their price to go up.


Hi chief, who should i invest with no risk and medium-high profit and when should i selL