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Daniel Roe

Are there any other informs that look decent to you?
Got 100k left from investing in these.


Any leaks or predictions for icon swaps objective? Would buying a lot of the silvers that count towards two be smart?


Yo chief is it worth investing in silver Portuguese players for icon swpas

Joshua Young

I purchased a heap of bernas and Dumfries yesterday for around 11500 thinking they were due for a big sbc. should I sell in mid icon sbc hype in a few hours or hold until out of packs.

Joshua Young

Chief thanks for making me wait 14k I’m happy with that today due to player pick


Bought 1700 83 rare cbโ€™s (azpi, matip, stones & acerbi) for 1200 coins each 3 weeks ago as a fodder investment.

Should I hold and wait for a good sbc or should I take my loss (+/- 425k) and invest elsewhere?


Hey is it worth to invest in upcoming mm league players for 700 coins per player max?


What do you think about investing in headliner savanier for oop, he is very similar to guendouzi who almost doubled in price oop?

Jack robinon

what would stick half a million into for invesments

Jack robinon

anyone in particular? acuna looks cheap with those stats?