Investment: Headliners Cancelo

Headliners Cancelo goes out of packs on Friday. He is one of the better PL RB options. With TOTY looming, there is a good chance he rises as many City/PL players are likely to be included (KDB, Dias, etc). In addition, a Flashback Gundogan SBC and Sterling POTM will help his case, and if City string together some wins he would go up for his Headliners 4 win upgrade.

Headliners Cancelo: PS4 265k XBOX 265k PC 295k

You don’t need to rush to sell this one. If things works out, his price movement could be similar to Headliners Goretzka from FIFA 21.



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What if he makes TOTY? Or will his price not be affected by that because his TOTY will be much more expensive?


I doubt he will. Though TOTY is down to votes rather than EA, its highly unlikely for a player to be featured in consecutive promos.


Do you think headliner barella will rise too?


Any thoughts around Leao?


How much do you Think He Will rise?


is 270k still a good buy?


Any totw picks Chief?
Heard there is going to be a base/mid icon pick on sunday!


Snagged 3 Cancelos around 260K this morning. Pretty much everything I had in the bank so really hoping this works. Thinking this could be huge profits! Everything seems to be perfect. I won’t hold you to anything but ball park guess on where you might want to sell?


I’d like to redeem my headdresses for your protected posts, unfortunately you weren’t streaming 🙁


Well, big hit with Cancelo 🙂
But if we wait 2-3 weeks we can get back our coins. But 2-3 weeks with money blocked in this donkey, during TOTY…


Why he dropped so much?


Overinvested. And Gundogan not as cheap to consider a rise for his links.


Hi chief,
In terms of ROI do you reckon it would be worth taking the L now and selling in order to be more liquid for TOTY?


According to leaks cancelo is in toty.
Will this have a negative impact on our investment?


Dropped to 240k because of the draw with southampton.
Should we still sell thursday/friday or should we take or losses now and invest in TOTW 18? Bought 10 cancelo’s….


Is at 209k now – i bought at 285k on PC lol. I guess the market this year is kind of crazy. TOTYs also are very low in price compared to last year. Just compare Lewandowski to last year or the defenders in price. I am not sure what the reason is.