Q & A Tuesday – Week 18

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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what is the best trading method for an 100k budget


I have around 400k as a budget what should I try to invest in?


Hi Chief
I want to buy Ginola. When is it a good time to buy ? He is dropping in price because TOTY is coming ?


What about guendouzi wild card? He went up a lot lately, so i dont know when is best time to buy him


If you had 10 mill what would you invest in this weekend once the market is flooded with pack openings?

Daniel Roe

Would you recommend investing in 82’s for the upcoming SBC’s?


Im on xbox and I managed to get a mid seedorf for 400k and now he is 550k should i sell or keep


I’m willing to buy sif vini, gold neymar, gold kanté and if sterling for my team. What’s the best time to buy them?


So 84 gold rare Trippier crushed it as an investment the past two weeks. Buying around 3.5k or really under 4k. Then sell for 2-3k profit. Just wanted your thoughts on if this method will keep working? His Atletico card should leave packs start of February since he will be in the PL.