Subscriber-Only Investment

Usable players often rise after big pack opening promos (Black Friday, TOTY, etc). This year French specials are among the most used cards in the game. As Tchouameni & Theo Hernandez were recently in TOTW 17, they are currently at low levels. I expect them to rise in the coming days as people build their squads.

1IF Tchouaméni: PS4 15k XBOX 15k PC 16k (3-5k profit target)

2IF Tchouaméni: PS4 25k XBOX 25k PC 27k (3-5k profit target)

1IF Theo Hernandez: PS4 100k XBOX 95k PC 115k (5-10k profit target)

2IF Theo Hernandez: PS4 195k XBOX 180k PC 200k (10-20k profit target)

Look to sell sometime toward the end of next week (~ January 27th or 28th).



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Would it be crazy to mass bid on gold rares for 650? No doubt they will release upgrades and Even if they only rise to 950 that is still 38% profit after tax. It will just take a bit of time to bid