Investment: TOTW 20

The following are my favorite looks from TOTW 20:

Inform Rondón: PS4 11k XBOX 11k PC 11k (1-2k profit target)*
*Use a PL – TOTW sniping filter*

Inform Otávio: PS4 13k XBOX 13k PC 13k (1-2k profit target)

Inform Ryan: PS4 13k XBOX 13k PC 13k (1-2k profit target)**
**Use a La Liga – TOTW sniping filter**

Inform Di Maria: PS4 37k XBOX 37k PC 38k (2-3k profit target)

Look to sell sometime in the middle of next week, and cross your fingers for desirable SBCs that require informs in the meantime!



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Hi Chief,
My first post so please excuse my naïvety … These TotW investments, are they always a sure thing? Because personally i haven’t tried this year and I’m wondering if I’ve missed out … Are they pretty much guaranteed to rise in value after they’re OOP (providing they have popular links for SBCs and have a good rating i.e. 84+ ovr) ??
I would really appreciate an answer, Thanks!


Best time to buy?


Di Maria, aint he good even for 40k? I mean lowest 87IF is 38k, lowest 88IF (exept Di Maria) is 45-46k and lowest 89IF is 55-56k