Investment: TOTW 21

TOTW fodder have been very good investments recently with all of the SBC requirements. I anticipate that to be the case again next week. The following are my favorite looks:

Inform Sarabia:ย PS4 14k XBOX 14k PC 14k (2-3k profit target)

Inform Sensi:ย P0S4 14k XBOX 14k PC 14k (2-3k profit target)

Gold Informs (all):ย PS4 10.5k XBOX 10.5k PC 10.5k (1-2k profit target)*
*Use a gold – TOTW sniping filter*

Look to sell by next Thursday before another promo could come out on Friday. List for lazies in the meantime.



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Toby H

Hey Chief, what impact do you anticipate the end of the repeatable mid/prime icon and future stars SBC having on the price of informs in the short term? Do you think the informs will still rise 3-4k as normal?


Hi Chief! What do you think about zakaria at 25 (PS) ?