Investment: RTTF Tolisso

Road to the Final cards went out of packs today. Considering the reception of this Silver Stars promo so far, I think they will increase gradually leading up to their next round of matches. Bayern’s 2nd leg is against Salzburg on March 8th, and if they win Tolisso would get a +2. French specials have performed well OOP this year, too, so I’m hopeful Tolisso will as well.

RTTF Tolisso:ย PS4 170k XBOX 165k PC 180k (10-20k profit target)

Look to sell in the hype before Bayern plays on March 8th.



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It is only +1 since they drew right?

Ryan Hoffman

Tolisso is over 183k right now and i bought at 159k. Should I take profit now or will he ride higher before the game on the 8th?


Hey Chief, do you think 85 rated fodder like thiago silva for example will rise in upcoming weeks? thiago silva in particular has been around 11.5k for quiet a while now on PS.


Hey fut chief,
I have bought 2 of them but when is the best time to sell bc what if they win could we see him rise 100k or would he drop in coins