Investment: Ndombele/Traoré

EA just released many new transfers to the game, removing their old club cards from packs. As Ndombele/Traoré are good for SBCs (good league with good nation different from league) I think we could see them rise out of packs.

Tanguy Ndombele (Tottenham): PS4 2k XBOX 2k PC 2k (1-2k profit target)

Adama Traoré (Wolves): PS4 1.5k XBOX 1.5k PC 1.5k (1-2k profit target)

I’m hoping that the next promo has some daily SBCs that causes these to rise. Look to sell in the middle of next week sometime. If they don’t rise by then, just move on to something else.



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I just bought fifa 22 on my PS4 Fat version, and why in menu the game feels like 30 fps or lower, but in match it feels smoth like 60 fps or higher, i cant snipe player, do you know how to fix it?


Sell now or should ndombele rise more?


Hey Chief, when can we expect market to hit a low during moments/fut birthday promotions?


i sold a couple of my cards earlier today, when should i rebuy


I have a really harsh dilemma. I have 92 kante and I’m not sure if he will rebound or I should sell him and get his 93 ? His 93 is going out of packs tomorrow so I would really appreciate an advise. Which the safer option in order to limit the loss