Investment: FUT Fantasy Team 2

FUT Fantasy Team 2 goes out of packs tomorrow. Team 1 performed well, and I expect the same for Bamba & Hincapie. French/Ligue 1 specials have a high success rate this year, and Bamba is the most played from Team 2. All the CBs from Team 1 went up substantially, so I expect the same for Hincapie.

FUT Fantasy Bamba:ย PS4 300k XBOX 240k PC 300k (15-30k profit target)

FUT Fantasy Hincapie:ย PS4 60k XBOX 55k PC 65k (5-7k profit target)

Look to sell toward the end of next week before Friday, April 8th.



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Hey Chief… Why Hincapie over Vertonghen from team 2 CB’s?


Hey Chief, Bamba is currently sitting at 290k, I bought him for 247k should I sell him now or hold on till next week?

Tanveer Siddiquey

Sell now or wait more??

Tanveer Siddiquey

Bamba is going down

Tanveer Siddiquey

What about bamba??
It is going towards loss


Down to 275k, should we buy more?