Investment: Sergio Busquets

Busquets has been leaked to be in FUT Captains Team 2. As one of the cheapest 86 rated players he is a very safe investment. I also think it is likely high rateds like him rise this week – it makes sense for EA continue to release SBCs that rinse people’s clubs as we approach TOTS. They just updated PRs on a lot of players, too, and that is generally a sign that high value SBCs are on the way.

Sergio Busquets:ย PS4 16k XBOX 16k PC 18k (3-5k profit target)

Look to sell before he returns to packs on Friday, April 22nd.



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He isn’t in team 2. Sell or keep?

Pranav Belani

84 rated fodder like Maguire are going really cheap right now (about 4k on ps). Will they rise in future if any good SBC comes or theyโ€™ll crash even further?