Investment: PL Community TOTS

The Community TOTS goes out of packs on Friday and is replaced by the PL TOTS. Due to demand for new PL TOTS cards, it is often the case that these PL Community TOTS links rise substantially (see last year’s PL Community TOTS investments).

Here is a list of the most used PL players from Community TOTS. The following are my favorite looks for investment:

TOTS Zaha:Β PS4 360k XBOX 320k PC 370k (25-50k profit target)

TOTS Lloris:Β PS4 155k XBOX 155k PC 165k (10-20k profit target)

TOTS Livramento:Β PS4 40k XBOX 45k PC 45k (5-10k profit target)

TOTS Mitchell:Β PS4 38k XBOX 38k PC 39k (3-5k profit target)

Look to sell this Saturday/Sunday – I don’t expect them to rise much more than the first couple days after the PL TOTS is released.



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Do you think De Gea coming as an sbc might bring the price of Lloris down?

Dominik Ruh


Dominik Ruh

Unfortunately de Gea is for free. I’ve bought Lloris 7 times, went down to 130000 πŸ™ Sell or wait…do you think he will rise again? Instead of making some coins I lost 350000 at the moment…still I don’t want to sell for that price

Last edited 1 year ago by Dominik Ruh

Of course EA was going to mess this up for Lloris. Had bought 10 for 150k and just had a feeling something was gonna happen if de gea came as an sbc for cheap, well he is cheap lol, so sold 8 for 175k-180k overnight and kept 2 just in case. Think he will rise after the panic selling ?