Investment: TOTW 1

With no FIFA Points or tradable SBC packs available at the moment, the market is very low. We had similar market conditions in FIFA 19 on PS (no EA Access). That year, many players exploded in price in the week after the web app release, most notably TOTW 1 (check out IF Werner, IF Cancelo, and IF Koulibaly). I believe we will see something similar with some TOTW 1 prices this year.

Inform Saliba:ย PSX 22k PC 22k (10-20k profit target)

Inform Valverde: PSX 50k PC 50k (20-30k profit target)

Look to sell next Wednesday/Thursday after TOTW 1 goes out of packs, but before the full release comes out on Friday, September 30th.



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When do ea usually update price ranges after web app release, impossible to sell my upemecano for 40000


hi chief! Do you think meta players will rise and how much do you think they will rise?


What would you say is the best investment right now for 20k


Hey Chief, I have 500k what do you think is the best investment? Inform son, kdb? Or icon (like muller), Heros or higher rated meta cards? Thanks for yiur help!


Saliba is 32k now. Think he will drop or is the oppertunity passed?

salah jama

is navas a good investment bought 2 for 7.6k how much do you think he will rise

jamie redknapp

when do i sell my inform valverde lads