Q & A Tuesday – Week 4

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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What would be your recommendation for someone that has only 50.000 coins, should I invest it all in Dzeko?


I would also like advice for this, currently only at 60k coins. Just been trying to buy Thomas Muller for 18-19k and selling him for 21k+ on PC


Hi Chief,

First year trading and I started to notice players tend to be cheaper Friday & Saturday and rise in value Monday &Tuesday.

Is this a fair observation going forward?


But don’t people build their teams for weekend league and then re sell on Monday cheaper?


Is it time to invest in high rated fodder as icon SBCs is around the corner


Should I sell Casemiro for 32k or hold?


Hear me out,

Buying Gerard Moreno Conference League card seems like easy profit. He already is 87 rated and will be 88 for sure en probably 89 rated soon. Which will make him the cheapest 89 rated on the market, therefore he would 100% rise towards prices of other 89 rated player. I bought a couple for 22k (making him one of the cheapest 87’s aswell)


Hi Chief, i bought like 10 IF Trapp because in my opinion a 87 rated IF for 22k is an amazing card to invest if its required in the future for SBC.

What do you think about this one?


Currently have 400k. Any good investments I should make?

Philip Johnson

Hey there! I invested in 15 More Sorloths! In the meantime any good cards to bid on that could flip relatively quickly?


Mid David Beckham price predictions?


Hi chief, just packed 86 Rijkaard any tips about how to sell it? Thought about listing him for 200k

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When is the best time to sell high rated meta players such as Rudiger?


Hey chief! I have 500k but I haven’t yet built myself a team. How much coins do you recommend that I keep aside to continue trading with or should I hold on until a later date before building a squad?


Hey chief, still got 10 Dzekos on hand currently at 2.1k shall I continue holding till just before 6 today (wednesday)or sell them now?


How about sorloth? I’ve got 3 of him


hi chief, what do you think about investing in icons? in copmare to last year, some of them are so cheap


Should I sell totw cancelo for 280k or do you think the price will rise?




Sørloth isn’t seeming to be going up, what do you think about the investment now? Do you think he will rise from now to friday?


Is it worth keep holding sørloth?


Should I hold or sell my RTTK Raphinha? Went from 340 k to 170 k


Packed him after barcelona’s loss


Hey Chief, what is happening to the market. Bought llorente 2 days ago and he is 20k down now. Think he wil rebounce?


Just packed a dupe RTTK Sule, I’m thinking of holding him in hopes that he gets an upgrade and goes up in value. Would you agree with this decision?


That’s fair enough, I can sell him now for an easy 23k, probably worth to have my coins in the sub-only investment and make coins that way for now.