Investment: OTW Nüñez

Nunez got his first win towards the OTW upgrade this past weekend against City. They play two more PL matches in the next five days, so he could be upgraded for Wins to Watch very soon. Considering we should be getting our first W2W upgrades this week (Sterling and Jesus), I think that could create some buzz in the community for investing in these, particularly for an affordable, popular card like Nùñez.

OTW Nùñez: PSX 72k PC 77k (5-10k profit target)

Cross your fingers for a good result against West Ham Wednesday, and sell in the hype before their match against Nottm Forest on Saturday.



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hello.. have 15-29 discard if(83-84) in my club.still no sign of requiring if in sbc , should i discard them n invest on others card?


Hi chief, thanks for all the information regarding the investment opportunities.

I have 48 IF sorloths all bought close to discard 11k, he’s upto around 13k currently would you advise to sell or hold, if a hero or icon sbc comes this week and they require informs the price may go up considerably.

Thank you.


Thanks chief sold all 48 at 13.5k before he crashed to 11k, looking at putting around 700k into rulebreaker herrera at 10.5k close to discard and holding for a potential sbc that requires a rulebreaker or if mls squad foundations get released soon. Do you think this is worthwhile investment? Did similar with rulebreaker Opara in fifa 21 and made millions of coins


Hi chief managed to get 80 rulebreakers herrera at discard price on bids 10, 250k afew days ago. He’s rising slightly due to potential insigne rulebreakers sbc, he’s at 12,500k. can you see his price rising further or would you advise to sell in the hype before the insigne sbc is released.


Thanks for the advise chief, mls squad foundations have also been leaked so hopefully will rise a little more in the hype


Hello Chief, a bit off topic but please if you have a minute:
I currently have bad internet connection therefore I can only play squad battles and FUT moments for at least 10 more days. With that being said, I came up with an idea of asking you, which players of these should I sell now in order to not necessarily make a profit but at least don’t lost much coins and build a best team possible for my first FUT Champs in two weeks. Right now I have a tradable
1) Nkunku (bought at 120k),
2) IF Lozano (bought at 48k),
3) RTTK Sule (40k)
4) Skriniar (16k)
5) RTTK Ikone (discard)
6) RTTK Zambo Anguissa (55k)
7) Gulacsi (6k)
8) IF Muriel (15k)
I don’t really need a team this good at the moment just for the squad battles, so, any advice would be appreciated!


sell all man


Thank you!
When could be the best time to sell Nkunku then?


Is it worth selling some 85 fodder to invest in this guy?


Hey Chief, is it worth buying a few Europa League Terrier’s? He’s looking likely to become an 87 and his price is ~14k. Surely he will rise in the next 2 weeks?


Hello Chief,

I have a Tchouameni I bought at 75 k and he is going at 115k right now, I do use him in my squad. Should I sell or keep?


I also have an Mbappe that I packed but I don’t really using him, I was lucky enough to Pack Ronaldo and have built a la liga and prem squad around him. Do you think Mbappe will rise again to 1.6k?


Yo chief is it worth investing in hector herrera rule breakers in case an sbc comes out requiring one


Hey, do u think son and De bruyne will fall much on thursday rewards? last time they didnt really move


Should I buy nunez for 76k as investment, I have 640k to invest. What should I do with my coins?


I know you said sell before Nottingham forest but as of right now he’s at 88k should we maybe sell before West Ham incase Liverpool lose and he drops


Hey chief, with live cards in general, is it always better to sell in the hype? Liverpool could beat Forest so why not wait for the actual upgrade?


Should we hold until friday night or until his match on saturday?

Or do you think we should sell tonight after their win?


Can Nuñez get a totw für todays Performance or only on weekends?


As far as I know, all midweek league games count


Respect, FUT Chief! Another top pick from you.


How do you see Antony OTW now?


Thanks! Got him for 193 and got out at 240!


I bought 11 Darwin Nunez for 78k each one should i sell now or wait until Saturday before the game or after the game?