Q & A Tuesday – Week 6

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hi Chief.
There’s still time to invest on RTTK players that can have 2 upgrades on group stage?
They can rise more than hype already did?

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Thank you :) how about Ikone (RTTK) & Vlahovic, Kroos (IF)? Should I keep them a little bit longer?

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Hi! New to the page, looking forward to following. Not much experience, so will have good use of advice.
I go all Spurs for my team and i am unsure if i should buy rulebreaker Davinson Sanchez now or wait.


I bought three Gerard Moreno’s for 25,000. When should I sell, before the Villareal game or after the upgrade?

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Would u sell kewell on PC? Got him for 266k and he’s up to 360, will he fall soon?


Im happy with profit i just want him for squad


Hi Chief, what’s the level you think Aubameyang RTTK will rise to? Sell just before the game or when Chelsea leads? Or the other option would be to sell after the upgrade (if he’ll be lenghty he will rise more I guess).


Do we know how long until league SBCs come out? When’s a good time to invest in EFIGS silvers?


Hi, what do you think of investing in totw and what rating do you suggest to invest in totw?


Hey chief! Martinez’s investment went very good and I’m currently sitting in 400k. I want to buy merino rb for my 1st team as his gold card is absolutely fabulous for me. When do you think is the best time to buy? (I noticed that Saturday around 15:00 the market is the lowest). Where should I look to invest in the future? I made a lot of money with sniping too.


Should I sell Vlahovic/Kroos now or do you think there is potentisl for them to rise yet?


Hi! I have bought 6 RTTK Ikonés for around 17k each. When should I sell them and for what price?


PC price?


is it PC price?


Hi! I have bought 5 Lautaro Martínez for around 16k each. When should I sell them and for what price?


PC price?


Makes sense to sell Zambo RTTK to buy him back? And if yes, when to sell and how much you think he could drop?


I bought a bit of 84 fodder for 2k on Xbox 2 days ago. Should I sell now that they are 3.6k or will they go up more?


Hey chief, do you think it is worth investing in 84/85/86 fodder again? If not, when do you think we can see them dropping hugely in price?


hi, chief,
other than martinez, is anyone else worth investing in around hype of totw


Picked up 6x kroos if for around 40k each. What do you think of the investment?


Hi chief, do you think cards like gold llorente or valverde would keep going down in price or are they at a good price to buy if i wanna use them?


Hello Chief! I just got silver membership to start learning how to trade. I’ve never really traded before but I’m sitting at 50k coins right now. What methods can I do daily to make it up to 500k+ so that I can start using higher budget trading methods.

Thank you :)


Hi chief!
I’ve been holding rudiger since beginning because I always use him but do you think there’s a huge drop for meta players like him coming soon? Packed untradeable varane and puyol so do you think is a great move to sell rudiger now to buy him back like in a month?
Thanks for all your tips, been getting good profits.


any investment/flipping tips under a mil?