Investment: 2IF Maddison

World Cup content began yesterday. Many cards have dipped in value, most notably IF fodder. 2IF Maddison is not only one of the cheapest 86 rated IFs, but also one of the cheapest 86s. Fodder typically rise during the week, and Maddison should sell to lazies easier as he is harder to filter.

2IF Maddison:ย PSX 14k PC 14k (1-2k profit target)*
*Use a filter like this to grab him more easily*

List for lazies and sell before the next promo on Friday, November 18th.



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I won’t be able to play until Saturday. sell squad?

Scott Mullen

List for 18k?


should we wait for fodder to drop even more?


What price should we list for?


I sold 2 at 16500,very slow but the do sell

Hungry Haaland

Question for anyone who can help, would fit heroes Papin ho up like 1-2k in the next few days???


Well, he’s gone up a bit now if u want to sell, I personally don’t see a substantial rise, maybe he could go a tiny bit more though


Hey, what do you think of Nunez OTW? Any value buying at 200k? Iโ€™ve seen that people are saying those will decrease in value after their updates, but for Nunez and Antonio, it has been the opposite.

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Completely agree, just a bit afraid he might rise even 100 more or so considering his upcoming update.


Hi chief, I just packed PTG Kim Min Jae. Should I sell now or wait?