Q & A Tuesday – Week 9

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hi chief! I have 30k do you have any good low budget investments?
I think about 83 fodders but they don’t seem to grow up in price in next days. Maybe you have some good investments :)


Hàu Chief!!

Packed wc hero Al-owairan on Sunday along with mbappè tradeble (I cannot believe it)

Please advise should I sell BOTH, or sell the wc hero and be happy with the profit that will cover any theoretical loss/price drop/tax on Kylian.

Tysm in advance.


Would the new grealish card be a good investment? Prem english man city so amazing links and he will most likely upgrade. Seems too cheap rn is it a good investment? Thanks chief


Hey chief!

What about 85 fodder? Do you expect some good SBCs?



Chief, can you explain us why you prefer to trade with lower rated cards as opposed to flipping higher rated, meta ones like many streamers do?


Just in general. Some streamers’ style is flipping giants like WCH Yaya or IF Mbappe for 10K profit after tax. You said multiple times you prefer trading with cheaper cards. Maybe because it’s safer / you have more room for diversification?


Hey chief, just wondering your next stream would be?

And another quick question- are the PTG team 1 players going to decrease in value when PTG 2 comes out?


nvm, found out abt the stream, but if u could answer the other question that would very helpful!


hi chief i have 53k but don’t know what i should invest in. got any advise?


when is the best time to buy cancelo OOP?


Should we look to invest in Gnabry PTG. And sell in the hype . Before potential Japan win


hi chief, any PTG or otw’s under 50k that look good? currently investing in otw bergwijn and wanted to know if there’s anyone else to be looking at


What do you think about Schlotterbeck 84 OTW until Germany plays? 23k right now


Hey chief, when would you say i can buy tchouameni and dybala to get then for the lowest price possible? They dont seem to be going down and I want to try buy them for the cheapest price possible


dybala seems to be changing most on Saturdays, I would look to buy then


another question chief,
Will rulebreakers zaha be going even more down??


Hi Chief,

Bought 200 or so 85’s last week ~7k each, do you think i should sell before tomorrow and re buy maybe at a lower price or just leave them as they are?


Welp that’s my whole day taken then lol


Hey chief, for longer term invest. Road to cup gnabry or IF Fodder griezman?


Or otw schlotterbeck


I’m looking to buy mbappé and wc hero al owairan. What’s the best time to buy them considering black friday is coming up?


Hey Chief i bought both otw schlotterbeck and path to cup gnabry, my bet is Germany will win against Japan. But with this in mind, is it still smart to sell in hype? Or will the players be hyped when they win?