Investment: PTG Lukaku/Gnabry

EA just updated price ranges on a bunch of cards. Lukaku and Gnabry have quickly fallen to fodder (cheapest 88 and 87) as people who have been stuck with them are offloading. They could see a rebound in the next couple days if fodder rise from an SBC and/or selling slows down from everyone selling at once.

PTG Lukaku:ย PSX 28k PC 28k (~ 2k profit target)
PTG Gnabry:ย PSX 22k PC 22k (~ 2k profit target)

Sell before the WC Phenoms promo begins on Friday as fodder will tumble as they always do.



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Looking at what goretzkaโ€™s card did, I think that the useable ptg cards will rise after offload when lost. Maybe carvajal is a good investment now. In the future hopefully Frenkie


Is it time to give up and sell here?