Subscriber-Only Investment

Fodder have dipped this weekend as they often do with new promos. There is a guaranteed Hero SBC expected this week as well, so fodder should be in for a rise. 85s are generally a good option as they are versatile for SBCs with multiple different rating requirements. There were three 88s required for the last WC Hero upgrade, so there is a chance they rerelease those requirements as well.

85s:ย PSX 7.5k PC 7.5k (~ 1k profit target)
88s:ย PSX 28k PC 28k (~ 3k profit target)

Look to sell in the middle of next week on Wednesday or Thursday.



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Hello, it seems they are already up a bit. Do you think they still have room to rise? Or should we just sell? Thank you.


Hi chief
I bought 85s,86s,88s
Unfortunately only 87s that rose
I am willing to keep them hoping for other SBCs requiring them am I right?
Or just sell them?


I just noticed EA released lightning rounds
may be this also a cause why all prices are down


Should I hold it until Thursday?