Investment: TOTW 11

TOTW 11 goes out of packs on Wednesday. Many fodder from TOTW 10 last week went up in price after going OOP (e.g. Torres, Ledesma, Taremi, etc). I think we could see increases for some 87 IFs in this TOTW as well, and they are low risk considering they are close to the cheapest 87s on the market currently.

IF Danilo:ย PSX 20k PC 20k (~ 2-3k profit target)
IF Sorloth:ย PSX 20k PC 20k (~ 2-3k profit target)
IF Acuna:ย PSX 20k PC 20k (~ 2-3k profit target)

Look to sell on Wednesday/Thursday of next week before TOTY is released on Friday, January 20th.



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do i need try around 20k? and when to sell? in17/18 or 24/25?


what fo you think about 83 cards?


I assume that the market in general will take a hit sometime during this week (or toty in general) (?)

When would you reccommend to sell tradeables in my team?


What you think about 90 rated IF Kane, 53k could increase?


Is it better to sell on Wednesday or Thursday, and how can you tell which day is better between the two?

Iโ€™ve bought a lot of 83s and a couple of 88s. Do you think i should sell them before tommorrow or should i wait until next week? Thanks in advance, appreciate your work.