Investment: Theo Hernandez

TOTY defenders come out on Tuesday. Last year their golds saw a substantial increase in price while OOP (see Dias and Cancelo). Theo Hernandez just went out of packs a month ago and rose from 25k to 35k, so I think there is a good chance he could increase again.

Theo Hernandez:ย PSX 23k PC 27k (~ 5k profit target)

It is likely his card will be out of packs for a week and a half until Friday, February 3rd. I think he will gradually increase over that time, but as always, sell when you are happy with the profit.



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Hi Chief. Everyone has Van Dijk in their squad, I guess he is also a good gamble at 70k? I can see rising him 10-15k when out of packsโ€ฆ


He’s currently 29k, should I cash out now or hold for a bit longer? If so how long should I hold?


Indeed a big rise in price is taking place now while he is not even OOP yet???


Cheers, he’s 30K