Investment: TOTW 25

Many players from TOTW 24 (Uribe, Olise, Thuram, Bouanga, etc) performed well out of packs last week. I’m hopeful we will see something similar this week with all the warm up SBCs and lack of pack openings.

The following players are also cheapest for their ratings, so low risk here.

IF Spinazzola:Β PSX 14k PC 14k (~ 2-3k profit target)
IF Fernandez:Β PSX 14k PC 14k (~ 2-3k profit target)
IF Stones:Β PSX 18k PC 18k (~ 2-3k profit target)

Look to sell on Thursday, April 27th before TOTS beings on Friday.



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Hi Chief,

Apologies if unrelated but how do you expect fodder to perform during TOTS? it seemed to rise a lot during TOTY despite supply so should we expect the same here?