Investment: TOTW 26

TOTW 26 is the last TOTW of FIFA 23. With no more supply and continued demand from things like Icon SBCs which require informs, these should rise steadily over the next few weeks. These three are close to the cheapest for their ratings, too, and fodder like them should rise when EA roll out guaranteed TOTS SBCs this week.

IF De Marcos:ย PSX 12.5k PC 12.5k (~ 2-3k profit target)
IF Douglas Luiz: PSX 32k PC 35k (~ 5k profit target)
IF Lukaku:ย PSX 40k PC 40k (~ 5k profit target)

Look to sell next week Wednesday/Thursday before PL TOTS drops on Friday, which should cause fodder to dip. You can also club stock these three for a longer term hold.



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Hey chief- are you sure you got the prices right? Douglas Luiz is easy for 26k


Is it safe to buy 88 or 89 fodder? Will they rise?

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what do you think about totws after that totw sbc got released?


All the cards went down in value. Will the totw 26 go out of packs, if so, when? Or will it never be pulled out of packs?