Investment: Bayern/Leipzig Golds

Bayern (13 points, 1st in table) face Leipzig (12 points, 4th in table) on Sunday. There is a good chance they will be featured in MM this week after there was no BuLi feature last week. I expect there gold cards to rise a bit leading up to Thursday.

Bayern Golds:ย PSX 400 PC 400 (300 coin profit target)
Leipzig Golds:ย PSX 400 PC 400 (300 coin profit target)

Sell IN THE HYPE before the release on Thursday, regardless of how much they rise. I don’t think it will be worth to gamble on them being required and rising.



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hey chief, what about benfica/porto players?


Hey Chief! Hope all is well!

Will top rated players go up in price? There is a drop in the market and was wondering if I could gain profit from Haaland by holding until full release?