Investment: Arsenal/City Golds

Manchester City (18 points, 1st in table) face Arsenal (17 points, 3rd in table) on Sunday. There is a good chance they will be featured in MM this week after there was no PL feature last week. I expect their gold cards to rise a bit leading up to Thursday just as Bayern/Leipzig did last week.

Arsenal Golds:ย PSX 700 PC 700 (300 coin profit target)*
Manchester City Golds:ย PSX 700 PC 700 (300 coin profit target)*
*Men or Women*

Sell IN THE HYPE before the release on Thursday, regardless of how much they rise.



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Question: Being that SBC’s have been broken on the web app since launch (only allowing FEMALE players to be submitted when a: ‘squad’ OR ‘squad’ requirement has been applied), would it not be more prudent to invest SOLELY in players from the women’s teams?
Seville women’s went extinct last week, due to the bug, particularly as many FC24 gamers (who do not plan to get the game until it falls in price) are already using the web app for trading, meaning that the only manner wherein they can complete the SBC is through the web app.

Obviously, there’s a lot of guessing involved and it would be a very high stakes gamble, I just thought it might be interesting to consider.


It worked! xD
One more idea occurs to me. EA seem to be pushing the ‘men’ OR ‘women’ requirement, particularly in Marquee Matchups, to ingratiate gamers with the addition of female players.
Looking ahead: I’m wondering if it’s safe to predict that SBC 4 in MM will continue to have the ‘men’ OR ‘women’ requirement. Feasibly, one could extrapolate the most likely matchup for slot 4 on this basis, assuming that it will require a men’s team with an equivalent women’s team in a parallel league.