Investment: RTTK 2

RTTK 2 goes out of packs tomorrow. These should rise gradually as they approach their games in a couple weeks. Here is the list of them in order of games played. The following are my favorite looks:

RTTK Malard: PSX 11.5k PC 11.5k (2-3k profit target)*
RTTK AouarPSX 13k PC 13k (2-3k profit target)
RTTK Cissoko: PSX 58k PC 58k (5-10k profit target)
*Upgrades to 87 with win next Wednesday, October 18th. She is my favorite of the three.

Sell Malard in the hype before their match next Wednesday. Sell Aouar and Cissoko in a couple weeks before their matches.



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Is anything for lower budgets (50k ish) going to come this weekend?


the profit target announced is before or after ea tax?

Philip Johnson

Hey Chief! Is 11.75k on? Im winning a ton at that price


hi chief. should i sell in a specific date or close to the event or is it okay to list all of my players since now?


Hi chief do you think its possible cissoko rising to around 85 k? I got 10 cissokos and 30 malards. Ty for the hint as always


yo bro, you got 10 f#%$ing cissoko’s you don’t need to worry fam, you hit the jackpot. right chief?


barley got one mate


Hi, thanks for the tip.
Why not wait after the match to sell ? If manU wins, shes gonna climb to the moon right ?


Was wondering this too, surely she rises with a upgrade?


Sure yes.
But this match looks 50/50 for me.
What will happen to her price if manU lose ?


Drop if they lose I reckon, I bought 5 @ 11.5 and sold at 13.250 so 5440 profit for me, bought one last night for 12k. Discard I won’t lose much.


Hmmm. So tempting.
Just imagine how she wull grow up if manU wins.
Around 30/40k ez i think.
And lot more if manU make a good group phase


Ooook, thanks chief.
Maybe i’m gonna keep 2/3 just in case.
But the safer is to sell before the match.

I plan to buy full Wieffer. I think Feyenoord can beat lazio twice.

I love trade its so exiting ^^