Investment: 84s/85s

Black Friday comes next week Friday, November 24th. While this is a big event with a lot of pack openings that introduce supply, EA have attempted to counteract that in recent years with good SBCs which keep fodder markets high. I expect that patter to continue and for 84s/85s to have some of the best ROI in the next 7-10 days.

84s: PSX 3k PC 3k (~ 1k profit target)
85sPSX 7k PC 7k (1-2k profit target)

Look to sell on the Monday/Tuesday after Black Friday (November 27th/28th).



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Dear chief,

Should i buy it now or wait until friday ? To buy and sell monday ?

Last edited 7 months ago by Tedo

What about 88s? Last year they more than doubled their price, and Mbappe Potm also coming if im well informed


Should I sell 85’s now or wait after content or what? I have like 800 coins profit