Investment: RTTK Dzeko

The final group stage matches for CL, UEL, and UECL are next week. Fenerbahçe currently sits at 3rd in the table with 9 points, and with with a win against Spartak on Thursday they will advance (last in table with 1 point).

With a win he would be upgraded to a 90; the cheapest 90 rated on the market is currently ~ 55k.

RTTK Dzeko: PSX 45k PC 45k (~ 5k profit target)

Sell in the hype before their match next Thursday, December 14th, or hold in hopes they get the result.



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Hello, thank you very much for the investment advice 🙂 As a Turk, I say Fenerbahçe will definitely win and this investment is absolutely amazing!


Can’t get any copy lower than 46/47
Make sense to buy at this price?
Any suggestions on when buying at lower prices?


IF Griezman dipped a lot because of the leaked UCL cards, reckon he will bounce back because the new card will be too expensive ?