Investment: Alex Balde WW

Alex Balde is the most popular WW from Team 1. He has some of the most games played I’ve ever seen within a week of going into packs. As he can play both sides of the pitch and has a good league/club (arguably best club in the game for investing), I think he will continue to rise out of packs. Already up some, but I feel that is a good sign of better things to come.

Alex Balde WW:ย PSX 75k PC 75k (5-10k profit target)

Look to sell in the middle of next week on Wednesday/Thursday.



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To the moon!


Selling mine now slowly at 85k, you never miss bro!


Hey chief, hope you had a good holidays!

I invested in 86s and 87s around their lowest at Christmas. The futbin graph for cards of this rating steadily rose to a peak in early Feb last year, do you think that’s a trend that will happen this year? I’m making about 2k of each one after tax ATM, but hoping the 87s will rise to about 16/7 k and 86’s to about 12.


Thanks chief. I thought the same, EA wouldn’t keepfodder at silly prices, otherwise people wouldn’t buy packs!


Hey Chief, miss u been more active on your tips, i want to subscribe but you are not posting too much.


What about informs? Im buying ivan martin if 86 based on your regular tips from other years. I bought the 85 at 4k and sold them at 6k yesterday then i bought the if 86 ivan martin, it makes sense? Please post more and i will subscribe for sure!


I follow you since fifa 18, but i stopped playing for a couple of years, now that im back, i need your tips!


Fifa 19*