Investment: FC Pro Koulibaly

FC Pro continues next week Monday, January 22nd with Group C play. Koulibaly is represented by AbuMakkah who currently sits at 9 points. IF upgrades come for 10 points and advancing to the finals, both of which are very likely for AbuMakkah. This would be put Koulibaly at 90 rated, and he currently sits around the price of the cheapest 90 rated player. Although he isn’t as usable as he was when released in November, Koulibaly is still the most popular of all FC Pro players which helps his chances, too.

FC Pro Koulibaly:ย PSX 57k PC 51k (5-10k profit target)

Sell in the hype before the matches on Monday if he reaches the profit target. If not, hold until he gets his upgrades (likely on Wednesday, January 24th).



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Wouldnโ€™t he drop due to Toty market crash


Hello chief i invested 83 player i bot it for 850 coins it is now best time to sell or it is better to wait


โžก๏ธ the ๐ŸŒ


Hey chief, on PC his price range is max 55, do I have to hold til Wednesday for it to update you think? Cheers


Bought at 60k sold for 76k. Thank you