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Chief, I have players like Pogba, Aguero and Dybala on my team. Are they my best, do you think they will come down a lot? Pogba 330k, Dybala 180k and Aguero 170k currently.

Sorry for my english.

Moreno Van Minderhout

I have 1.3M coins how do i invest them properly without high risk?

Could you name some examples? ๐Ÿ™‚


Totti El Masry

Chief, would you please tell me what should we be doing in the time of the TOTY release as in sniping or selling


Hey Chief, would you invest into LALA SIF?! ๐Ÿ˜€ Because there is NO TOTY RB and Lala can be great linked to Mbappe, Kante and Varane.

Got already 6x LALA SIF … hope he will sold out.



Buy a team now ? Prices seem to be rising slightly or would you wait till later this week ?


Hey chief, should I buy bale and dybala tonight or later this week? Thanks


I got some Sorrentino IF’s for 13k, when to sell them? Please answear.


What are the reasons to buy the top buys

Many thanks

Marcus Rashford

Hey Chief! I just unpacked IF Rashford. However, since TOTY dropped he’s already dropped over 10k (down to 90k). Do you reckon his price will fall even more before Wednesday or would I get maximum profit by holding on to him for a week or so?


Chief, is now a good time to buy high rated, commonly used cards for SBCs? Busquets? Navas? They’ve both dropped a ton today…


Would investing in some cheap 85 rated players from good leagues be a good idea because of the toty SBC’s?


Chief. I packed 99 Ronaldo, I screamed like a little girl – He’s extinct at 8.5m should I sell or wait, any expectation for a new price range?

Much appreciated,

Chicken tikka mosalah

Still a good idea to invest in 83 rated players under a 1k?


Hi Chief, lots of supply for 83-86, what player level should we invest for today? Or do you suggest to wait Thursday morning/Friday night?


I’ve bought some quaglialerra for around 13.5k and is not going for 15.5k should I sell?

Many thanks

Joeseph Williams

Modric is pretty low rn, should I buy a ton of him as heโ€™s easily the cheapest base card in toty, his ROI should be higher as heโ€™s gonna be out of packs? If so then at what price and when would be a good selling day. Thnx.

Mike Macken

Why is Sorrentino in the recommended buys? Whatโ€™s the logic?


Chief, hoping you can clarify. I see your top buys. I see stuff about buying 83s for 1k. I see stuff about buying La Liga guys in time for league sbc. I have about 200k I can spend… What’s your very best suggestion for a low-end guy like me…. I literally JUST crossed the 1 million profit mark and looking for best ways to make quick profit.


Everything I read says to NEVER buy gold packs… People all over are posting about packing TOTY Ronaldo and Messi… So, what gives? Got 100k to spend… Invest in more 83s or roll the dice??


Should i buy sane now that he is like 42k and a bunch of nif arnautovic and sell them later on because they will probably be in totw 17?


when is the better time to buy bale