Q & A Tuesday – Week 2

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Are you still in on Aurier and your *protected* IF investment, or are you holding off for a dip this week?


when do we sell IF aurier?? and at what price do you project?


Hey chief, I invested in many extinct players I have 6 Ferland Mendy’s, 15 Joao Felix and 2 Wan Bissaka should I expect a high return from this?


When their ones to watch is out, and their price range got upgraded, you’ll be having profit I guess. Let’s see if Chief agrees 😀


Hi Chief,
I dont know what to do, i bought 7 of TAA for 29K as you recommended in your top buys. He dropped in price and maybe he will even drop more cuz today many packs will be open. should i sell them now or wait till totw is announced?


is the bronze pack method still a thing


I would say yes. Made quite some profit with it. But you have to be patient. Some won’t sell either. Just keep those players and use or sell them when they are required for a sbc


It’s safe and steady income, but really is a grind.


Do you think it will become better after friday


Hi Chief, any suggested buy price for Pulisic if I want to invest for Ones To Watch?


Worth buying ben yedder at the moment

João Miguel Bastos

When to sell Paulinho?
Full game release?


Jo Chief I have bought 2x Pereira for 17 k and 1x 18k. Should I have waited for today evening?


Hey Chief, what is the best way to go if i only had 5k atm for trading?


Check out some bronze rares that are relatively high price and try to understand why. Maybe its for a certain SBC, like the one nation midfield. Write down the players that are expensive and try to bid on them for 150-200. You will most likely lose but keep trying for a few days and eventually you will get quite a few. Then check their price every few hours and you will find that sometimes they will sell for 1k up to even 9k. I made a ton of ‘free’ coins using this but it requires a lot of pricewatching. Works like a charm and zero risk though, since bronze rares will always sell for 250+. Apart from that friday a lot of new players want to do the SBCs so they require bronze rares again.


Hi chief, any thoughts on IF Ibrahimovic? With the upcoming release of a stunning Josef Martinez POTM card would any IF MLS team be a good investment?

Aviv Kaplan

Would you start investing in league SBC now that most of the players cost almost nothing?


Hey Chief,

I got baby Butrageno luckily in packs. Shall I sell now or later?


Hi chief, do u think Nacho Monreal is a good investment too? Lb, spain, EPL 82 rated, got him for 13k on PC


what to do with 40k, also is it ok to hold mendy, awb, joao felix, saint maximin?


so should i go ahead and spend everything i have on TAA, i will not be playing the game for a while so i have no need for the coins unless a better opportunity arises. Thanks


When i say for a while i mean until the 30th, so would TAA be a short term investment that you would suggest


I bought few cards of Willian and they have dropped in price today do you think they will go up in price on Friday?


hello chief, I have a lot of Aurier’s to hold but was wondering what you think of IF Mane as a playing investment. I know TOTW1 always goes up but how much could you see him rising past 750k

thank you


Hey Chief, what u think about Jovic? Every 4.5k coins i got im buying one at XBOX… No one is talking about him and hes confirmed OTW. Whats ur thoughts?


Hi Chief, packed Mendy (Madrid). He is extinct at price range max 30k. Should I hold for another price range update?

In addition, do you know if futbin import tool is working for fifa 20?



Is it bad to buy Christian Eriksen, Wijnaldum now? Or should i wait?


Hey Chief,

The prices and more specifically the price ranges have been ridiculous. When will the normal 10k max range for cards up to 84 rated be updated? In the past I played seasons and didn’t play FUT at the start of the game cycle last year so I didn’t have to deal with this. I know the prices will drop drastically soon, so I wouldn’t want to pay 50k for an 83 rated Werner who would normally sell for 5k with a max price of 10k. I got stuck with a bunch of high rated cards (Salah, Mbappe, Neymar, KDB, etc.) later on in the game that I didn’t even bother selling because prices dropped so much so I wouldn’t want to make the same mistake again.

Thanks for the response in advance.