Investment: La Liga TOTW 20 Gold Cards

Players: La Liga gold defenders in TOTW 20

Reasoning: This has been a trend I’ve had my eye on for some time now. When a new League SBC comes out, demand for players in that league shoots up. Prices tend to rise across the board.

Even more, players who are out of packs in the aftermath of an SBC see a dramatic increase. Let’s look at some examples:

  1. Ligue 1 League SBC
    1. SBC comes out on Monday, October 22nd
    2. TOTW 6 featuring Kenny Lala comes out on Wednesday, October 24th (gold Lala goes out of packs)
    3. Lala shoots up in price from 500 coins to 3,600 on Xbox and 4,600 on Ps4
  2. Serie A League SBC
    1. SBC comes out on Friday, November 2nd
    2. TOTW 8 featuring Alessio Romagnoli comes out on Wednesday, November 7th
    3. Romagnoli shoots up in price from less than 1k to over 2,000 coins
  3. Bundesliga League SBC
    1. SBC comes out Thursday, November 22nd
    2. TOTW 11 featuring Daniel Caligiuri comes out on Wednesday, November 28th
    3. Caliguiri shoots up in price from less than 1k to over 3k 
  4. Super Lig League SBCs
    1. SBC comes out Friday, November 30th
    2. TOTW 12 featuring Domagoj Vida comes out on Wednesday, December 5th
    3. Vida shoots up in price from 2k to 3,500+ coins
  5. BPL League SBCs
    1. SBC comes out on Tuesday, January 15th
    2. TOTW 18 featuring Michael Keane comes out on Wednesday, January 16th
    3. Keane shoots up in price from 500 coins to 1,500+ coins

My advice? Invest in gold La Liga defenders in TOTW 20 when it drops on Wednesday at 3pm UK time. Nelson Semedo and Mouctar Diakhaby both have a decent chance at making the cut.

Target BUY: Immediately following the TOTW 20 announcement at 3PM UK time on Wednesday.

Target SELL: Before they return to packs at 6PM UK time on Wednesday, February 6th.



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Semedo’s price seems to be already inflated, he is near 2500. 2 days ago he was less then 1K.
Do you think if he gets an inform there is still room for the price to rise?


How about sarabia chief? He’s rumoured to be in too, discard(ish) ATM and is required in Sevilla because there’s only 2 RM/no rw at Sevilla and the sbc requires a response and RM for Sevilla SBC.


It’s even more expensive now (4800 on Box). This is the advice that should have been heeded before it was given…

Mohamed Safwat Abdullah

Nelson and Mouctar prices are high now. Will the price drop? Or we will buy them at this prices?


so i have to buy him now?


Hey chief, just to be clear, I should buy the gold cards, and not the IF right? Sorry I got confused.


Correct, u can see in the post above the pictures show the non-if cards


Hi Chief, thanks for all the tips so far good hunting. What do you think the target buy for Semedo would be right now? around 3k?


Is it a good idea to buy any laliga player right away after/if featured in totw20


Idon’t know if it is a smart move but I just found out that there are only 5 defenders from atletico madrid so is it a good idee to invest in arias an savic?


Semedo is up to 4K, should I still invest?


which defenders do you recommend further? I bought 20 times Diakhaby, but which one can I buy to get some more profit?


Do buy at 4k or wait when it gets lower


Hi Chief, I bought a whole bunch of Raúl Jiménez’s immediately after his brace against WHU today. Am I a dropkick or do you predict the same will happen if he secures a TOTW?


When you reckon to sell them I bought couple of semedo for 3.5k


when the right time to sell semedo because i keep making mistake as i sell too early and make less profit as i usually do

many thanks


Sheesh. . Semedo at 4500 already at time of TOTW drop.


Hey Chief, what do you think of Murillo as a look at <2k?