PSA: Sell Your Squads

With 2 major promotions coming up over the course of the next week (Winter OTW on Friday, February 1st and Lunar New Year next Tuesday, February 5th or Friday, February 8th) the market is surely going to take a tumble.

Here is how these promotions affected the market in FIFA 18:

I recommend to get ahead of the curve and sell your teams before OTW releases Friday at 6PM UK time.



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Hey chief,

Sell UEL Rebic at 42k ? Bought 10 at 30k.


what if your team only contains special cards? sell too?
the last two times i did it they continued to rise and i couldnt even buy them back :/

my theory is, that everyone selling his team and having loads of coins wants to buy special cards of cause, so the demand rises while the amount of special cards wich are out of packs stays the same..

at the latest when winter upgrades come special cards will rise again anyways, so no need to sell? or will they crash anyways


Hey chief, started playing fifa 19 last week so not to sure what is happening. Have been playing since fifa 14 so I know what’s going on.
I’m in the UK so what time would you recommend selling the team.
Just the special cards or every cards? Any specific ones? And then when should I buy the team back?
Thanks cheif!


will special cards fall too?
will winter upgrades compensate the possible crash?


Hey Chief,

Is it also an idea to sell the squad on Sunday after WL. Or will the market collapse before?


What about UCL live cards? They seem to be rising as it is getting closer to the knockout stage. Thanks Chief in advance.


I’ve got pulisic ucl live card they gonna play Spurs you reckon the price going to decrease
many thanks


He’s still at Dortmund on loan until the end of the season so the Chelsea result will not matter in regards to his rating.


Hi chief, I’m still holding on to the 82 rated IFs from TOTW19. Bought at 16k and they are now ~20k. Since they are out of packs is it safe to hold through the promos or sell now? Happy with the profit but could see them going up another 5k.



Hey chief
when do you think is the best time to buy your team


With best time i mean the market crash wait until promo’s are over or buy them when the promo’s begin


Hey chief,
i just wanted to ask now the promo’s are dropped it the best time to buy now my team or after the promo’s


Hey chief I have nif pogba,Kante,mbappe,Alex Sandro, varane and couloirs should I sell them and buy them during promo/crash or hang on to them in case they raise

Kaushik Ramesh

Chief I packed Bergkamp 90 and cancelo 87 from a futswap mega pack! I have a 400k team…

Should I sell them and build a team or hold on to them?

Kaushik Ramesh

Thanks you so much for all the help on this site…Much appreciated!


Hey Chief, so would i sell my dembele OTW cards now or wait until the promo has released?


Chief, I can’t sell my team cause I don’t have empty space in my transfer list.. How to solve this?




I trust you man I sold my hole team and hope it will become cheaper


Even icons? Baby gattuso and zola


Icons too?


Hi Chief do you think is worth buying 84’s to resell, they are hoovering around 3.4-3.6, with a possiblity of an SBC?




What about OTW cards like Dembele, Golovin and Diaz? Should I keep them for the upcoming days?


Hi chief, looking at the figures above on this post, would it be a decent strategy to buy players on the launch of the event, then sell a week later when the numbers pick up. Looking at the above chart it looks like after 10-11 days after first promo is released the figures bounce back 10% before dropping at the next promo.

Pedro Guedes

Pulisic ucl card is going to change to europa league?
Thank you


thought the pulisic transfer was next season? similar to naby keita last year?

Pedro Guedes

I bought him for 32k should I keep him?


Hi chief, many thanks for your insight. I’ve made millions based on your posts!

About this sell squad thing, this is specific for the Gold/In-packs or all in general?
Just to confirm.