TOTW 20 Investment: Hamdallah

Player: Abderrazak Hamdallah

Reasoning: Although he doesn’t have the best league or nation, Hamdallah is the cheapest 83 rated inform by a good margin. He will be useful for SBCs going forward which have low chemistry requirements – there are a lot of solutions where you can stick a player like him at fullback with no problems.

Target BUY: Less than 19k

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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Jego cena może wzrosnąć podczas otw ?


Hey Chief, what do you think about investing in Wendt as he is the cheapest Bundesliga LB IF?


I think its the first time i am investing in completly different players than you.

Benitez under 23,5k
Hilton under 26,5k
Poulsen under 24,5k
Jordan under 26,5k

These are right now the cheapest 84 rated players and they all have an amazing league. The Price difference between for example Poulsen and Hamdallah is ~5k. But Poulsen is 84 instead of 83 and plays in the Top 5 Leagues.

What do you think about this?
In my opinion there will be some big SBC’s in the following days., so 84’s are a good look.

Cheers Fan0ne


I’m still invested in rebic and Jota from TOTW 19, how long as a period of time should I hold onto them? They don’t seem to be rising.

Habit Dog

What about IF Berghuis? He’s the cheapest 82 IF by at least 2k coins. Wouldn’t that be a better ROI?


Hey Chief what do you think about Quagliarella? for this moment he is the cheapest 85 if and price still going down. should i try?

Markelle Fultz

Also can I buy hamdillah for 19500-20000 instead cuz I can’t find any for 19k even on bid?


The Torino CB at 13k is a better look I think.

Mighty Martin

Chief, this guy’s price in PC is terribly expensive now. He’s around 24k. You know it’s impossible to buy him under 19k in PC. So what’s the appropirate price to buy him? Also I wanna know if you are a PC player, at which price will you purchase these 83 or 84 rated IF players?


So Jota, Soares and Rebic won’t rise?


Will the best buy be on Saturday when the crash happens?


He’s gone to 16 should I buy?


fact that 80 rated hamdallah is more expensive than the 83 now at 2100 -2150 , what do we expect the 83 rated to go to …. can we expect 23.5k or more ????