POTM/UEFA MM SBC Investment: Chris Smalling

Player: Chris Smalling

Reasoning: In case you missed it, EA recently released the nominees for the January BPL POTM. 

Out of the 6, I believe there are only 2 with a standing chance: Lacazette and Rashford.

PlayerGoalsAssistsClean SheetsMOTMRatingResults
Alexandre Lacazette30n/a17.643-0-1
Marcus Rashford30n/a27.473-1-0

If I was a betting man, I’d put my money on Rashford as he is a crowd favorite.

This means that, over the course of the next week, we could see multiple SBCs that could require Manchester United and/or England players.

On Friday, February 8th, the January BPL will likely drop. There is a good chance Rashford’s club or nation will be required for the SBCs.

On Tuesday, February 12th, we will likely get more UEFA CL Marquee Matchups. There is a good chance that PSG v. Manchester United will be chosen and Manchester United players required.

If one of these SBCs hit, there is a good chance that Smalling will rise nicely.

Target BUY: Less than 1,000 coins

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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Andrei Chirila

What do you think in investing in Gold If with english nationality for POTM Rashford ?? I think he will get it….because he is getting the award in real life too. Cheers!


Would it still be worth purchasing him for 1.3k/1.4k as he as already rose in price on xbox one. Regards Tom


invest in rashford also?


Will phil jones rise ?
Thanks in advance.


You sure his price will increase I’ve invested 30 of him

Many thanks


hi chief,
do you think luke shaw is a good investment.


hi chief another question do you think higuin otw is a good investment because he could get a if and his otw goes now for 190k


Hey chief,tanx for tips.
One question, is it possible we get some OTW in TOTW 21? If so, what’s your thoughts investment wise?


Ok got it bro, another thing, Is it good to invest on EPl Gold If like KEANE,ABRAHAM or any card of your choise for upcoming POTM? If it’s the case,what’s target price?


I hope he is going to 2/2.5K , I bought 70 of Smalling for 1/1.1K

You are a boss Chief!

Karácsony Bence

Hello Chief
Is it a good idea to buy him at thursday after rewards? rare golds are usually cheaper then…


Or after Lunar Promos?



but as rashford is on headliners pack, can he be the potm as well? 2 cards?


Sup Chief,

I am planning to buy a squad this week. Is it best to buy now or to wait on Lunar promotions?
Not sure because prices tend to be higher near WL.

Thanks in advance!

Thomas Mortensen

Weird that Pogba isn’t even nominated..

Isn’t a 81 rated Smalling a bit on the low side, to use in a POTM SBC? What about Lingard 82?


how much rising price do you expect from smalling.
i know its hard to know. but still whats your expectation from smalling.
and we can keep smalling stock till when?


and when are you posting about TOTW


Hi Chief, do you think smalling will rise even after the market dip for LNY promo?


Hey Chief, do you think Dembele will rise further in the next few days. He’s currently 2.6k.

Melvin Taverne

Is Higuain OTW a good investment? there is a good change he will get a TOTW


Hey Chief,

Sold my team before the last promo. Is now the time to buy team back, or should I wait until next week potentially after this next promo?


Thanks Chief! Also, not all of my team sold. For example, Varane and prime Hagi is still on transfer list. Should I continue to mark him down expecting the market to continue to tumble, or just hold?


Antonhy Lopes would have been a good investment a few days ago. I bough lk 3.2k and sold them for 4,2k. 20k profit