POTM Investment: Oliver Baumann

Player: Oliver Baumann

Reasoning: The January Bundesliga POTM will be released this week. All signs point to Goretzka getting the honor.

Oliver Baumann could be required for 3 different reasons:

  1. He is a high rated (83) Bundesliga player.
  2. He is a high rated German (same nationality as Goretzka)
  3. He plays for Hoffenheim, who Bayern played in January (EA sometimes requires teams who the POTM winner played for the month).

As Baumann is one of the cheapest 83s, he is a no-risk investment.

Target BUY: 1,000 coins or less.

Target SELL: After the Goretzka POTM announcement this week.



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Better to wait till SB rewards? To get him cheaper


when to sell him?
just like smalling minutes after the release of the sbc?

itamar harari

what do you think about horn chief?
cost 800 coins and his a 83 german


What about high rated (85 and up) rated buli players like Ribery and Robben? They are a bit inflated but can they go up more?


Hey chief, i can get this baumann for 1.6k and even for 1.4k right now, most people are selling right now for atleast 2.5k and 5k would you reccomemd me to invest in him?


Hey chief. I invested in some rebic and guerreiro if 82 and i m waiting for bundesliga potm… Bought for 16/15/17k.. Should i w8!?


Thx chief… Nice tips btw


When is this being released?


Will goretzka go up in price? bought 7 when he was 2.6k


Will Baumann go down in price after fut champs and div rivals rewards on Thursday just before the potm release?


Is Ribery at 14k a good price?


Is lingard rttf worth investing in ? PSG has 3 players injured

Pedro Guedes

Like pulisic?


Hey chief.what do you think of Ralf Fährmann?
is he worth investing on?since he is german and a high rated bundesliga player too


Hey Chief,
Is it okay to invest in Fährmann? Is it an issue, that he is a non-rare card?


Hey chief i want to but europa league kondogbia for this coming week fut champs when should i buy on Xbox.


Hey Chief, still got 60 Kiko casilla’s left. Should I offload now or wait. Do u think Madrid will have a SBC for ucl?


What about Reus at 15k?

James Harden

Is it a very safe investment? Can I go all out 2.2 mil?


I just have to ask. How do people buy 300, 400, or like this guy is implying – 2,000 copies of something?

My only guess is that everyone I see leaving these comments is managing multiple accounts, and then coin-distributing back to one main account, risking a ban.

Is that pretty much it?


Wow. Thank you! Much appreciated.

Dennis Patrick

Should I be selling my Ruben Pena’s with his price dropping to 2300? Or do you think his price will rise by Tuesday?


What about Tah and Werner? Are they good investments?


Can’t seem to get him for less than 1k shall I get him at 6